February 11, 2011 Alex Halliday , one response

The time for a “publicans trade group”?

Ed Davies, the licensee of the superb family-owned Kilvert’s in Hay-on-Wye, wrote a blog hoping to bring together publicans in a national call-to-arms against the current negative view that the press deem to apply to the entire licensed trade.

He proposes creating a group, backed primarily by a totally private online discussion area, that is specifically for Licensees consolidated loan calculator – taking out the Pub Companies and Breweries which polute the majority of the current trade’s organisations.

I will certainly be backing this proposal, there is definitely a need for a group that isn’t biased towards certain points-of-view. The extra advantage of a private discussion forum away from public scrutiny will of course mean that sensitive issues can be brought up without fear of the media miss-interpreting it.

I would recommend payday loans guarenteed that you read his blog post surrounding this, post any ideas and views onto the post – it will be “our” group, so we can make it what we want it to be!


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