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Movie Review: Men In Black 3 (3D)

In this season of franchise restarts and nostalgia churning there has been a lot of buzz put on Men in Black 3 – many people questioned whether the light-hearted sci-fi/comedy blend would still work after a decades hiatus.

I have to start this review by saying that Josh Brolins portrayal of the younger Agent K was simply excellent – he managed to perfectly recreate Tommy Lee Jones’s mannerisms and style of speech. It was very easy to accept that he was the young K, online payday loan with no credit check however it was sad that Jones lost screen time as a result – however this was a better solution than the current trend of making older actors look younger.

Men in Black 3’s plot revolves around a new baddie called Boris the Animal whom Agent K apprehended in 1969 as a junior Agent. Boris had been locked up inside the Lunar prison for 40 years before having a loving admirer help break him out – he sets his aims upon revenge on Agent K for catching him. He plots to go back in time to kill K before he can apprehend him, through the use of a time jump acquired from another inmate.

He successfully manages to remove K from the timeline – however J can still remember him. J then home improvement loans interest rates jumps back in time to kill Boris before he kills K. Yep, there’s a lot of timeline confusion which luckily doesn’t disrupt the films pace. However I did wonder how the time jump designers son remembered Boris ever going back in time, as that basically had never happened.

Agent J and a much happier, younger Agent K then set off on a mission to capture Boris before he can make it to the place where Boris is supposed to have killed K. It’s hard to say much without potentially spoiling some of the best bits – but J and K played off each other extremely well, developing their friendship and helping J to understand why K ended up so miserable.

The films ending was a nice twist and linked back nicely into the first film and why J was picked as an Agent. I can’t see how they would continue the series as it is unlikely that they could make another film with K and J – and it is unlikely, however much I would love it, that they will go back in time to work with the young Agent K again.

The 3D side of the film was subtly done and not overplayed, just bringing in extra visual enticement and helping to keep you engrossed for the duration.

Keep an eye out for lots of subtle nods to the original films – one of the more subtle ones was an advert for Frank the Amazing Talking Pug behind them on a billboard during one scene.

This is a brilliant film for both young and old audiences especially with no need to have seen the first two films. I can see it performing exceptionally well in the cinemas over the short term loans for students uk Half Term week.

Seen at: Dorchester Plaza. Seen with: Steve Packer, David Graham, Jonathan Elsdon, Danielle Elsdon. [Cinema Night list!]
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