The Dictator
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Movie Review: The Dictator

The Dictator is the latest (and greatest?) Sacha Baron Cohen film to be released and follows in the vein of his previous films such as Borat and Bruno.

The Dictator tells the story of General Aladeen who is the dictator of the fictional country Wadiya. Tamir (played brilliantly by Ben Kingsley) is Aladeen’s number Two who plots to replace Aladeen with an idiot lookalike and then turn Wadiya into a “democracy” and as such earn a fortune from selling stakes to Wadiya’s oil to international Oil firms.

The Dictator - Aladeen and Zoey

Aladeen managed to escape assassination and has to disappear into in New York’s rather different culture. He runs into Zoey (played by Anna Faris) whilst she is participating in a protest against Aladeen’s mistreatment of Wadiyan citizens. The two characters play well off each other, with both personifying opposite beliefs. He works with his old Nuclear Weapons chief engineer to plot his way back into power which is essentially the basis of the majority of the film – pleasingly Cohen did allow a lot of moral questioning from Aladeen which he has avoided in previous films.

The comic pace flowed along nicely throughout the film, and the unexpected romance loans for people with ccjs between Aladeen and Zoey wasn’t as crude as has been seen in Cohen’s previous films.

I would definitely recommend this to fans of Cohen’s previous films and I believe The Dictator would be easier to digest for new viewers of his work. I am not sure if the film best loan available was must-see-in-cinema material, however the community atmosphere of the cinema always adds to any good comedy film and everyone left buzzing!

I’m happy that he partially left behind the ridiculously over the top nature of Bruno in this film, and I hope this will be a good sign of things to come. Which stereotype is next on his agenda though?

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