Prezzo, Dorchester

Review: Prezzo, Dorchester

Address: Prezzo, 6 High West Street, Dorchester, DT1 1UJ

We went to Prezzo to take advantage of an offer that was being promoted on their website, offering every second main meal for only £2. They offer a varied choice of Italian dishes including cheap personal loan uk pizza’s, pasta’s and grills.

A key part of their offering, in my opinion at least, is the fact that they prominently offer “light” versions of their pizza and pasta dishes. The menu even lists an approximation of the calorific content of their light meals, which is very helpful for anyone that is calorie counting. Their light pizza’s are longer, thinner version of their normal Classic pizza’s, with apparently half the dough according to their website. There are definitely less toppings included than on their normal pizza’s to save on calories, however there is enough to keep a lot of the flavour. To greenwoods personal credit make up for the smaller portion size you are provided with a nice bowl of fresh salad and dressing.

Their light pasta dishes are essentially just half-size portions but include a mixed salad. These are surprisingly slightly higher in calorie content on average against their pizza dishes – presumably because of the creamier sauces and not being able to cut back on the fillings to pasta ratio.

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Prezzo – Light Tre Gusti

I chose to have the TRE GUSTI light pizza (which has toppings of pepperoni sausage, seasoned chicken, pancetta bacon, fresh rosemary, mozzarella, tomato) which weighs in at an acceptable 577 calories which includes a nice fresh mixed salad and a small amount of dressing. At a standard price of £10.95 it is good value for money, and fills you up quite well for a low-calorie meal. I highly enjoyed the pizza and would have it again – however there are many other tempting choices available.

As a table of four we spent £10 per head for our mains and one drink after the reduction our coupon made which I feel was excellent value for money. Without the coupon it would have been approximately £14 a head – I understand that the Prezzo chain run regular coupons to counteract th construction loans bad credit is so it is worth keeping an eye on their Offers page and jumping at the opportunity!

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