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Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (3D)

We were very fortunate to get into a two-day early première screening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at the Plaza Dorchester. It was surprisingly very quiet at such an early screening, however it was not well advertised or expected before general release. I hope for the cinema’s sake that the usual première times on the following day was as busy as they expected.

Abraham Lincoln was touted to being an over-the-top film with some excellent, yet ridiculous, fight scenes. Well they definitely achieved that! It was a great experience to see the history of a renowned American President rewritten in such a way that you honestly wished that it was true.

The story revolves around the fact that Lincoln witnessed his mother being killed by a Vampire at a very young age and resolved that his life’s aim would be to get his revenge. He enlists with a renegade vampire, well a bit of a spoiler that but honestly who didn’t figure it out INSTANTLY?, who trains him to become a master of vampire hunting with the use of his trusty axe.

Abraham Lincoln smashing it up with an Axe? Excellent. I think that he used that axe better than Thor handles his ham loans for a wedding mer. The fight scenes almost reminded me of old-school asian fight movies.

Unfortunately there is very little substance to the story line, with just enough to keep the pace of the film flowing and to get in as much action as possible. I liked the way they used key points in Lincoln’s famous equity loan interest rates history and rewrote the reasoning behind them as ways of striking back at the Vampires.

The film slowed a little towards the second half of the film when the war took on a more national scale and finished fairly abruptly with a fairly epic train-based fight scene.

The film took advantage of 3D nicely, I feel that the action genre is greatly improved with 3D as it can invoke greater impact on fight scenes and similar. There was some great subtle 3D put in the early scenes with light debris floating in front of the screen – by all means not necessary however was a nice effect and I expect other films to copy this effect rather quickly.

Overall a great film if all you loan low income want is all-out action and entertainment however it falls short as a memorable film – I can’t see it being a film people will rush out to rewatch. A great film to go and see with a few mates especially in 3D but not one for inspiring thought-provoking conversation after the film!

Seen at: Dorchester Plaza. Seen with: Steve Packer. [Cinema Night list!]
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