Movie Review: Prometheus (3D)

To see I was extremely looking forward to seeing Prometheus would be an understatement – this is a film that I have anticipated since first seeing Alien and Aliens (slightly Alien3 and lets not talk about Resurrection!).

Ridley Scott has taken the step to re-enter the universe he created in Alien with this indirect prequel to the Alien series. The project was shrouded in mystery during development with no one confirming or denying that the film was related to the Alien series – I suppose that was quite clever as it isn’t really in the Alien series but is based in the same universe with clear parallels to the first film and obviously with the same Alien ship being found at the start of Alien!

The casting choices were excellent with Michael Fassbender being the leading light with some exceptional acting as the expedition android – The vast majority of characters fitted the universe well although there was a little bit of wooden acting from  Charlize Theron whom I felt didn’t fit in right and could have been removed from the story altogether.

Ridley Scott managed to maintain the atmosphere of the Alien films, whilst using modern filming techniques and some of the best special effects I’ve yet to see in a film. The 3D really shined in this film, surpassing any in other films I’ve seen recently – he used it for both dramatic effect but also to maintain visual enticement in every scene. With special effects and CGI back drops being in what felt like every scene he really took advantage of the medium to show what 3D can do to improve the visual effects of a film. I cannot wait to see what he does with the Blade Runner spin-off and the potentially amazing cityscapes it will include!

Prometheus Face Hugger

The "Junior" Face Hugger

There was a strong theme of rape symbolism running through the first film to take the disturbing and threatening atmosphere up a notch – the obvious ones being the way the facehuggers plant their eggs down the throat and of course the bursting of the alien out of the chest. Prometheus took this theme and took it even further, with almost every alien encounter including some level of awkward attack – he loved the use of tentacles going down throats, however I felt it was almost too many times, by the final fight it was almost predictable.

Introducing the Space nys deferred compensation loans Jockey, oops they’re called the Engineers now, in the first scene of the film was a great idea and led nicely into the titles. The second scene then showed the Earth Archaeology team finding cave paintings in the Isle of Skye showing an alien pointing towards a star system, which of course our budding team decided to take as an invitation and visit. It was great for the mystery surrounding the Engineer in Alien to be answered, and the fact the Engineers are loosely related to humans was a nice twist – however the archaeologist Shaw’s unnerving belief in God despite discovering this connection and all else that occurred was a little unbelievable.

The trademark violence was all there with some great action scenes and alien encounters – they held no punches when it came to killing off characters mercilessly. Considering the length of most of the characters lives in the films they did a reasonable job of developing their relationships – however I felt that Alien did it better and you felt apply for a small loan more attached to the crew.

The ending left a good opening for a Prometheus 2, which has all but been confirmed by cast leaks, which fortunately seems like it will be a continuation of Shaw’s story line and not a direct prelude to Alien. They ended the film with a good scene showing an early Alien which thankfully means there should not be a need to follow that story line any further.

Now for some spoilers and questions about cheap personal loan uk the films story… In the first scene you see an Engineer drinking a dark liquid of what I feel is a DNA modifier which then destroys him and sends his infected cells into an ocean, which you presume is of Earth. I felt that this was meant as a way of poisoning the planet, which it turns out  was presumably meant to be a twist. Elizabeth Shaw felt that the Engineers created humans which was proven by a DNA comparison, in which case why were they then going to destroy all life on Earth… And of course they must have already been to Earth in order for the cave paintings to have been there, so why not destroy life on Earth when they were there the first time.

I really liked seeing the Engineer at the end getting into the pilot’s seat in the Engineers ship in order to fulfil finding him in the Alien film – HOWEVER, he then gets back out to chase Shaw to the escape pod where he gets killed, so how was he still in the chair? I felt like they brilliantly brought the films together and then in one swoop broke the connection again!

When Shaw found out she had an alien hybrid gestating inside of her she was understandably angry and desperate to get it removed, with David (Fassbender) obviously wanting to putt her into cryogenic storage until they get back to Earth (a nice nod to the aims of the android/corporation in Alien). She breaks free and jumps into the emergency operation pod and gets it gruesomely removed – what I didn’t like was her lack of anger at the medical team when she discovers them with the funder of the expedition – she didn’t even bother to tell them she just removed the alien herself and it was sitting unguarded inside the Prometheus!

Having the dying CEO funder of the expedition kept hidden throughout the film was, I feel, unnecessary – the twist that he wanted to meet an Engineer to extend his life could still have been realised if the crew already knew he was on board. He obviously has a bad relationship with his daughter Meridith who was the operations captain, however again this did not feel necessary with Theron’s character feeling unnecessary within the story – I am hoping it was Scott’s intention for viewers to question whether she was also an android as her acting made her look and sound like one!

All in all I feel that it was a good film and answered a lot of questions and unfin instant laons ished storylines created in Alien. Unfortunately the fact that it was a prelude meant that the story was quite predictable as you knew the ending before it started – it is almost a better film for those who know nothing of the series as they would not know what to expect.

Seen at: Dorchester Plaza. Seen with: Steve Packer, Michael Packer, Lauren English, Jonathan Elsdon, Danielle Elsdon. [Cinema Night list!]
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