Withings Smart Scale
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Review: Withings Body Scale

Produced By: Withings
Website: http://www.withings.com/
Platforms: Web Based, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android
Price: £119.00

The Withings Scale is as first appearances an overpriced Digital Scale – but it is so much more than that once you look deeper.

The weighing scale functionality is of course at this price at the top end of the scale of accuracy, considerably better than most digital scales and blows analog scales out of the water. The scale also offers Body Fat recording as well, although the accuracy of this is disputed by the online community – however it is close loan low income enough to give you a good long-term trend of BF% changes. Your weight trend and body fat trend are both essential for tracking your health status, and of course during weight loss it is very helpful to know you are going the right way on both counts.

Withings Scale - iPad Interface

Withings Scale - iPad Interface

The key to this scale’s popularity is it’s ability to automatically monthly loans no credit check synchronise with the Withings online servers, in essence giving you “cloud” access to your measurements anywhere in the world. The data is then accessible on many devices, including the iPod and iPad. The scale allows you to add up to 8 users to record data for; it intelligently decides who is on the scale based on earlier readings of weight and body fat – this data is then accessible for each user on their own devices.

The payday loans on line Withings data can also be integrated with many other health services to offer more functionality – it integrates very well with the FitBit tracker to automatically update the FitBit site with your latest weights and BF% to more accurately determine daily calorie burn.  One pity is that it does not connect to the MyFitnessPal website to save a bit of double entry – short term loans for students uk however they have planned to release this functionality soon.

I bought the Withings Scale as a means of tracking my weight loss – I bought it about 6 weeks in and wished I had bought it at the start for a more impressive graph! It provides excellent motivation to see your progress mapped out so accurately, and encourages you to “beat” your last measurement each time you get on it. I’ll admit that the majority of health “experts” don’t recommend you use a scale daily, however I couldn’t resist seeing the latest graph and it helped keep me focused on daily goals . I can see how some people could get obsessed by the data and it could lead to the wrong sort of attitude over time but as long as you don’t lose sight of the big picture you should be fine!

If you are not trying to lose weight, or gain it for that matter, I am not sure if it would be worth purchase cialis the money – whilst the data is very useful, the minutia of accuracy simply wouldn’t be necessary for someone who is simply trying to maintain their weight. If you are a health buff then I believe it would be worth the investment in the long-term, especially as it can also integrate with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor to provide more data in one package.

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