The Five Year Engagement

Movie Review: The Five Year Engagement

We went into this film with some reassurance from the lady in the foyer: “It’s alright lads, there’s good stuff for men in it too.”

And how right she was, it’s great to see the traditional RomCom or Chick Flick evolving into a position where there is stuff for even the guys to enjoy.

The film, coming from the creators of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, maintained the feeling of their original films and achieved some exceptionally funny moments – even the romantic side was done in a humorous way – as a result I feel anyone could have enjoyed the film in the right company as there really was something for everyone.

As I say everyone I realise that loans 100 isn’t quite true, unfortunately there were some elderly couples in the audience who obviously were never going to like the film as there was a lot of profanity and some nudity and an obvious sexual undertone throughout the film. I’m surprised they weren’t warned before they entered, maybe they were, but clearly not a film for those whom maintain a stiff upper lip!

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, as the titles engaged couple, played off each other brilliantly and allowing for a lot of humour that felt natural and the romance didn’t feel forced as it wasn’t casted as a perfect couple. Alison Brie, one of my favourites from the fantastic American comedy Community, really showed off as Blunt’s British sister with the accent carried well. I honestly can’t wait until a Director gives her own leading role as she has a potentially very bright future ahead of her.

I recommend this film primarily to couples how to get cash now looking for a private laugh in the cinema as it ideally built for that purpose – however groups of either sex individually can enjoy this film if taken in a light hearted manner.

Seen at: Dorchester Plaza. Seen with: Steve Packer . [Cinema Night list!]
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