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Weekly Fitness Report: 10/06/2012

As you can see a fairly large leap in steps this week from last week – This was mainly thanks to a long, and painful, round of golf on Sunday which added an additional 7k steps to my usual levels.

I boosted my calorie intake to 1600 this week as I have started to increase my levels of weight training – I realise that I need to get to a surplus to make any mass gains, however trying to go from 1300 calories to 2600 would nearly kill me!

It is surprising how hard it is to eat more calories after you get used to eating less – I felt like I was almost feasting all last week and yet was still at a deficit. My find of the week was having a nice big bowl of 100g oatmeal with 50g whey protein for breakfast – filled me up well and nice installment loans poor credit slow-release energy!

This week I will be maintaining at 1600 calories to let my metabolism get used to the increase whilst slowly increasing resistance further. I’m hoping to get out for a run or two if the weather get’s better, unfortunately the extra burnt calories are for once a bit of a negative!

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