Ming Wah Restaurant - Ming Wah House Special Fried Noodles
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Review: Ming Wah, Weymouth

Address: Ming Wah Restaurant, 86, St Thomas Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8EN
Website: http://www.mingwah.co.uk/
Price: Approx £15-20 per head for Starter unsecured payday loan and Mains

After around half an hour wandering through Weymouth undecided where to eat we secured online loans stumbled upon Ming Wah which is a little off the normal restaurant roads.

Steve had eaten there before many years ago and remembered it being good, and our impressions through the window were good too – especially as it was packed full inside unlike the vast majority of the other restaurants we looked at which were mainly empty even at 8PM.

We installment loan poor credit were greeted by a nice lady inside who fortunately found us the last table in the restaurant which was by the entrance. Unexpectedly we were quickly given prawn crackers as a freebie whilst we were looking through the menu and quickly served our drinks at the same time.

Considering how busy they were we were very surprised at the speed of service of the food, which took less than 15 mins from order to table, however the dishes did not come out at the same time but spread over 5 minutes – not the end of the world as we had decided to choose a variety of dishes to share.

Their menu is fairly substantial and covers the typical spectrum of Chinese dishes and many with other Asian influences. You could go to the restaurant many times and still have plenty of choices to test your palate!

We chose to try the house special Ming Wah Fried Noodles which was a mix of fresh vegetables, Roast Pork (Char Siu), King Prawn & Chicken. We chose to have ours with soft noodles rather than crispy, and cooked in their own house sauce. The photo at the top of the page shows this dish – it was quite simply excellent. I am surprised that they decided to hide the dish away in the Rice and Noodles section as it could easily be served as a main dish as it was a large plateful and very filling.

We also had some Singapore Fried Noodles, a boring choice I know, which was also very nice – again with soft Vermicelli noodles and a nice assortment of meats. Thankfully it did not taste purely of pepper as most Singapore Noodles tend to in restaurants these days, however it wasn’t that hot either which was a pity. Great flavours however and worked well as base noodles for the next dish.

I am a big fan of Szechuan style foods as well as any twice-cooked dishes as a result we couldn’t say no to their special  Double Cooked Szechuan Sliced Beef – unfortunately we received the dish with Pork instead of Beef! Regardless of the error, it was also cooked to perfection with the Pork soft and succulent. The dish had a great tangy flavour that worked brilliantly with the Singapore Noodles.

We took one side portion of Chicken Satay (on skewers) which was served with a Malaysian style Satay Peanut Sauce – again cooked well with a nice crispy coating, the Satay Sauce was excellent with an almost roasted quality.

The final bill came to around £35 with drinks for the two of us, excellent value for money considering the size of the dishes and the quality was superb throughout. Whilst I don’t regularly visit Weymouth I have a feeling this restaurant may unsecured credit loans draw me back quite soon!

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