The Amazing Spider-Man
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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (3D)

After the old Spider-Man series feeling over-used by the time Spider-Man3 came out, it was refreshing to see Marvel taking the helms over their own franchise and giving it the Marvelesque feel of their other recent films.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits all the right notes and felt like it blended into the rest of Marvel’s film releases, keeping the amazing action scenes and enforcing the light-hearted approach to humour throughout.

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Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man

When I saw that Andrew Garfield would be taking the lead role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man I was a little concerned as I did not know whether he would be a solid enough actor to pull off the two sides of the character, however he performed infinitely better than Tobey Maguire in the role. The gradual development of his character into Spider-Man was played out delicately and without the annoying wrestling scenes from the original series.

The story of his development felt a lot closer to the original comic books, although many artistic licenses were taken to create a story that could easily lead into future films. As anyone who has read any of the multitude of comics surrounding Spider-Man will know there are many contradictory and over-lapping story lines which I am happy that the film did not attempt to duplicate.

We seem to have a trend during our weekly cinema visits of actors coming up several weeks in a row, this time it was Rhys Ifans as the eponymous Lizard. He played Dr Curt Conners well however I feel there should have been a little more malice in his non-Lizard parts during his transformations – with his transformation back to human form in the last scenes he showed his nice side which contradicts his attitude when he was human between transformations. They have obviously done this to lead nicely into the next film in the series however the scene could easily have been less cheesy and not so bad-guy-gone-good.

Rhys Ifans as The Lizard

Rhys Ifans as The Lizard

Whilst the special effects through the film were carefully crafted, the only let down for me was the lack of facial expressions on the Lizard with him simply looking fake and with very little resemblance to Curt Conners.

The action scenes were excellent throughout and whoever was involved with choreographing the Spider-Man’s journeys through the city should be applauded – all the movements felt natural and physically possible. With 3D added you really felt like you were moving with him through the city.

As with all the Marvel films there was a sneak peek at the potential plot for the next film after the credits, which yet again the vast majority of the audience left as soon as THE END appeared – when will they learn not to leave a Marvel film till the very end! I won’t spoil this, however make sure you stay till the very end – Any one who has read the comics will be very much looking forward to the next film.

Overall a brilliant film and brought justice to the franchise and I can’t wait to see which comic stories they use for Peter Parker’s next adventures. Definitely a film to catch in 3D at the instant laons cinema!

Seen at: Dorchester Plaza. Seen with: Steve Packer, David Graham, Deano. [Cinema Night list!]
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