Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake
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Recipe: Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake

This a great recipe for a wholesome get a loan no credit check addition to a salad, possibly as an alternative to a quiche. The Spinach and Quinoa work well together bringing good bulk to the dish, whilst the fried chicken adds a lot of flavour and the all important protein!

Of course this dish is also Gluten Free!


Recipe: Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake


1 Tbsp.  Olive Oil.
4 shallots, diced.
4 cloves Garlic, minced.
500 grams Fresh Baby Spinach leaves.
4 medium eggs.
1/2 cup. cialis lilly Sesame seeds.
1 Tbsp. Dried Thyme.
1 Tsp. Chilli Powder.
2 cups uncooked Quinoa.
1 cup Greek Yoghurt.
4 Chicken Breasts.
Sea Salt & Black Pepper to taste.


Cook the Chicken:

Rub the chicken with a liberal amount of Sea Salt and Black Pepper and then wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for  3 hours to absorb the flavour.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Seasoning the Chicken

On an oiled griddle pan cook 4 chicken breasts over a medium flame. Flip the breasts periodically to get a nice crisp outside.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Griddling the Chicken

Once cooked, put the chicken on some kitchen cloth allow to cool. Roughly tear the chicken apart and set aside.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Chicken cooling

Cook the Other Ingredients:

Make the Quinoa:

Place the Quinoa in a mesh strainer, and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Place the Quinoa with double the amount of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cover with a lid, and simmer until cooked, about 20 minutes. Once cooked drain away any excess water and set aside.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Cooking the Quinoa

Cook the Spinach:

Fill a Saucepan with salted water and bring to the boil. Seperately fill a large bowl with water and ice cubes and a tray covered in kitchen roll.

One the water is boiling, add the Spinach (in batches if necessary) and cook until cheapest credit bright green (around 20 seconds) and then immediately place into the ice water for 30 seconds and then onto the kitchen roll to dry. Repeat until all Spinach is cooked and set to dry.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Cooking the Spinach

Cook the Onion Mix:

Heat the Olive Oil in a Wok, once hot, add the diced Shallots, minced Garlic, Thyme and Chilli Powder. Fry until the Shallots are nicely browned. Remove from the pan and place into a large mixing bowl.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Cooking the Shallots

Prepare the Bake

Coat a large, deep baking dish with a thin coating of Olive Oil, or cooking spray if you have it. Sprinkle the Sesame seeds across the dish until they are evenly stuck across the dish.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Sesame Seeding the Baking Dish

In the mixing bowl, with the onion mix in, put in the other ingredients: cooked Quinoa, cooked Spinach, 4 eggs, shredded chicken, Greek Yoghurt. Mix thoroughly so that all ingredients are fairly evenly mixed together.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Mixing the Bake

Cook the Bake!

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4.

Fill the baking pan with the mixture so loans 100 that it evenly fills the pan. Make sure not to move the contents at the bottom so that the sesame seeds evenly cover the bottom of the cooked mixture.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Filling the Baking Dish

Place the dish into the oven and bake until the top is browned and the mixture has hardened up.

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake - Baking

Serve in slices with a nice mixed loans tucson salad. Serves around 8 with ample portions!

Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa Bake

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