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App Review: Netflix with Unblock Us

Netflix’s launch in the UK helped to boost the popularity of Streaming media over the internet, however many were disappointed with the poor selection of material on offer. With LoveFilm also in the marketplace, media license holders split a lot of their material across the two services meaning the need to have and pay for two seperate media streaming services.

Unblock Us

The US version of Netflix however offers a significantly larger library of films and TV shows thanks to their established relationships with license holders. The Unblock US service offers easy access to the US library in the UK on pretty much any device where the DNS settings can be changed (even without that access, the change can be made on your home router to provide access to every device connected to it automatically.)

Unblock Us costs $4.99 a month (approximately £3.20 at time of writing) which is of course in addition to Netflix’s own subscription fee.

Unblock Us comes with a easy to use application that can run on your Windows or Macintosh PC to allow easy switching between the UK and US versions of Netflix in those rare cases where media isn’t on both services – however you’ll quickly find that you simply stick with the US version. One pity is that there is no easy way to switch on other devices such as Games Console, however it is a minor worry as very little content is on the UK Netflix compared to the US Netflix.

In edition to Netflix US, Unblock Us also provides access to other region-restricted services such as Hulu.

Unblock Us offers a free 7 day trial and I strongly recommend anyone with a Netflix account to at least give it a go, you will quickly realise that you will never want to go back!

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