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Movie Review: Dark Shadows

I will admit that I entered the cinema cheap personal loan uk with slight hesitation after reading the Dorchester Plaza’s own review of Dark Shadows – we were tied between seeing a new film or going to see Avengers for the second time!

As many people know and would expect from Tim Burton, this film alliance and leicester loans follows his traditional dark and eccentric film style complete with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter – good acting from both, however it really felt like the characters could have come from any number of Burton’s previous films.

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins

The film’s set design was excellent, and the recreation of 1972 Collinswood was cleverly done – there definitely seems to be a trend of attempting to generate nostalgia in many films this year.

Unfortunately the story was not up to the standard that I know Tim Burton is capable of – the film dragged along at a very slow pace, with not enough humour to maintain interest. Burton loves over the top moments in his films however Dark Shadows seemed to have a distinct lack of stand-out moments, the sex scene between Depp and Green was clearly meant to generate a laugh however felt like it missed the mark.

The trailer (embedded below) really does show the best bits of the film, and I can only really recommend to watch this at the cinema if you are a big fan of Tim Burton – perfect family film for Christmas Day however!

Tim Burton’s next film, Frankenweenie, will be out in October and once again follows his usual personal loan california trademarks (thankfully a rare one without Depp or Bonham Carter) and hopefully with it we will see a return to form for Burton.

Seen at: Plaza Cinema, Dorchester. Seen with: Steve Packer. [Cinema Night list!]
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