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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

There have been two film adaptations of the “Snow White” story this year, first the more family oriented “Mirror Mirror” and now the more dark and gritty Snow White and the Huntsman.

To choose Kristen Stewart as the lead Snow White was a risky choice considering the typecasting implications created by the love-it-or-hate-it Twilight series. She actually performed extremely well in this film showing a higher degree of emotional acting than many thought was possible – she managed to pull off both the delicate side of Snow White as well as the heroic side. I am hoping that we will see her more often in some more demanding roles and isn’t doomed to being the Twilight girl.

Snow White Mounted

Snow White Mounted

I enjoyed seeing Thor, oops Chris Hemsworth, in yet another film this year as the brutish yet charismatic Huntsman. I expected more more of a development between the Huntsman and Snow White but the film left that thread hanging – presumably there may be scope for a sequel if the film performs well enough.

Charlize Theron was in a drastically different role from Prometheus as the Wicked Witch – she pulled it off well, however a lot of her angry scenes felt over acted. She just isn’t an angry enough female to pull off some of the emotion, it just came off angsty.

Of course a Snow White film would not be complete without the dwarves showing their faces. Rather than use real dwarves they decided to digitally shrink more established actors for the roles. The “shrinking” executed very well and it was hard to notice any payday loans guarenteed blending where they were on scene with unaltered actors.

The dwarves provided the comedic aspect with some frankly great lines which the whole cinema laughed at – I believe that they should have been allowed to shine a bit more; there just wasn’t enough comedy in the film to offset some of the emotional aspects.

The Huntsman and Dwarves

The Huntsman and Dwarves

The special effects were well-chosen and not over the top, especially the scenes in the “Fairy Kingdom”. The ageing, and de-ageing, of the wicked witch were carefully done not to feel over pronounced.

Now to the pacing of the film – to me it was simply just too slow in the first half of the film, it just seemed to drag on and on with no key objectives after Snow White escaped the castle into the dark forest. Once Snow White formed her army to attack the Wicked Witch the pace ploughed forward and felt like it left the first half behind.

I would love to see a map of loan consolidation for bad credit the Kingdom as I just cannot understand what took them so long to get to the Duke’s castle. The Duke’s son managed to go to the Witch’s castle and then back into the forest to catch up with Snow White in the time that she had only managed to get half way across to the Duke’s castle. She clearly wanted to take the scenic route!

All in all Snow White and the Huntsman was a good film, however at nearly two and a half hours it could have taken a good editing cut and come out a more enjoyable ride.

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