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Review: Ming Wah, Weymouth

After around half an hour wandering through Weymouth undecided where to eat we stumbled upon Ming Wah which is a little off the normal restaurant roads. Steve had eaten there before many years ago and remembered it being good, and our impressions through the window were good too – especially […]

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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (3D)

After the old Spider-Man series feeling over-used by the time Spider-Man3 came out, it was refreshing to see Marvel taking the helms over their own franchise and giving it the Marvelesque feel of their other recent films. The Amazing Spider-Man hits all the right notes and felt like it blended […]

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Movie Review: The Five Year Engagement

We went into this film with some reassurance from the lady in the foyer: “It’s alright lads, there’s good stuff for men in it too.” And how right she was, it’s great to see the traditional RomCom or Chick Flick evolving into a position where there is stuff for even […]

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Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (3D)

We were very fortunate to get into a two-day early première screening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at the Plaza Dorchester. It was surprisingly very quiet at such an early screening, however it was not well advertised or expected before general release. I hope for the cinema’s sake that the usual première times on […]

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Instagram: Man o’ War

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Instagram: Lulworth Cove

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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

There have been two film adaptations of the “Snow White” story this year, first the more family oriented “Mirror Mirror” and now the more dark and gritty Snow White and the Huntsman. To choose Kristen Stewart as the lead Snow White was a risky choice considering the typecasting implications created by the love-it-or-hate-it […]

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Weekly Fitness Report: 10/06/2012

As you can see a fairly large leap in steps this week from last week – This was mainly thanks to a long, and painful, round of golf on Sunday which added an additional 7k steps to my usual levels. I boosted my calorie intake to 1600 this week as […]

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June 10, 2012 ClanDaddy no responses


A quick preview of the latest project that I am involved in –! ClanDaddy is web commercial real estate loans interest rates hosting service focused purely on providing a quality web hosting service for gaming clans in the UK – More info coming soon!

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